Residential Pest Control Charlotte

Many pest problems can be eliminated by professional pest management services. In residential areas, some basic services may be needed such as removing pesky pests like termites, bed bugs, cockroaches, and ants, or controlling the spread of allergens. Professional Pest Control services include a range of methods, techniques, and products to help keep you and your family healthy from harmful insects and pests. However, there are also issues that occur in residential areas that require more attention than others. Below are a few common pest issues for the residence.


Bed bugs are one of the most common indoor pest problems for residences. The need for residential pest control services varies according to building size, location, and frequency of usage. The need for commercial pest control services is usually greater because of the greater volume of usage. However, these insects are also found in public buildings, hotels, motels, boarding schools, hospitals, and schools.

Termite treatments are necessary to prevent further damage from occurring. For smaller infestations, non-chemical treatments may be sufficient. Professional pest control companies also offer chemical treatments for termite problems. These treatments are used in conjunction with fumigation, vapor suspension, or bait treatments. The use of bait can often help prevent further pests from moving from the source of the initial infestation to other parts of the house and may be cost-effective over time.


Insecticide sprays are applied to the affected areas to destroy the colony. Specialists must use caution, however, because even though these chemicals are relatively safe when used correctly, there are still dangers. Most exterminators recommend the use of a pesticide spray at least once each month for the best results. Pesticides are available over the counter but make sure you follow directions carefully. If left on the premises, these pesticides can pose risks to humans and pets.

Professional exterminators also use integrated pest management techniques that incorporate fumigation and bait treatments. This is often more effective than spraying pesticides, especially for larger infestations. The use of fumigation involves spraying insecticides inside the structure to kill pests, as well as fumigation traps that are strategically placed around the property. In many cases, bait treatment offers an effective solution for preventing pests from moving from their source of food.


Professional pest control technicians are your partners in achieving a clean, healthy environment. They will work to ensure that your home, as well as your surrounding property, remains free of unwanted pests. The techniques they use will often depend on the extent of the current infestation and the severity of the problem. However, it is possible to eliminate all of your unwanted pests with a professional service. When you call these experts for assistance, be sure to discuss your pest problem with them so they can determine what steps need to be taken.