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HUS - The Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa - is a Joint Authority formed by 24 municipalities. The aim is to offer patients in all member municipalities a timely and equal access to specialized medical care. Functioning as part of HUS, Helsinki University Hospital HUH is nationally responsible for treating severe and rare illnesses and ones calling for special expertise and technology.

The HUS dedicated session on "Environmental sustainability" will take place on Wednesday, June 19th at 11:45-12:45 and the session on "Virtual Hospital Concept" will take place on Wednesday, June 19th at 10:30-11:30 right after the Parallel Thinking: Digital Transformation session.

The National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) studies and monitors - and develops measures to promote - the well-being and health of the population in Finland. We gather and produce information based on research and statistics. We also provide expertise and solutions, which our stakeholders can use in support of their decision-making and other work. We serve various parties in a number of ways: the government, municipal and provincial decision-makers, actors in the social welfare and health sector, organisations, the research community and the public. We help our customers and partners to secure a good life for Finns in a fair but dynamic welfare society. We are an independent, expert agency working under the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health.

The THL dedicated session will take place on Monday, June 17th at 17:00-18:30.


From removing the regular pain of fingersticks as people manage their diabetes to connecting patients to doctors with real-time information monitoring their hearts, from easing chronic pain and movement disorders to testing half the world’s blood donations to ensure a healthy supply, our purpose is to make the world a better place by bringing life-changing health technologies to the people who need them. That’s our commitment to helping you live your best life.

The dedicated session on "Best practices to advance Healthcare: Integration of Laboratory Insights in Healthcare Management" will take place on Tuesday, June 18th at 14:00-15:15. Please register for the session by adding it in your agenda in the EHMA 2019 App.

Nordic Healthcare Group (NHG) is a Finland-based company focused on developing affordable and effective health and social services. NHG is a pioneer in advisory services for the health and social services sector in the Nordics and it employs more than 100 professionals that serve serve public and private sector clients, mostly in Finland, Sweden and Denmark but increasingly also in other European countries. In our projects, we combine leading edge healthcare and operations management research and data analytics with user-oriented service design. We have two dozen researchers with a PhD and several university professors among our employees and advisors. They publish regularly in the field of social and healthcare services and operations management in highly-cited international publication series. Our strong scientific foundation and strategic focus on value-based healthcare has helped us to become an ICHOM partner. Our goal is to help establish a value-based healthcare system in the Nordics and help promote the value-based approach even broader in Europe and beyond.

Visit the NHG stand in the Health Lab exhibition area. The dedicated NHG session on "Applying value-based social and healthcare in practice" will take place on Tuesday, June 18th at 14:00-15:15. Please register for the session by adding it in your agenda in the EHMA 2019 App.

Allied for Startups is a worldwide network of over 40 advocacy organisations in 3 continents focused on improving the policy environment for startups. We are working together to create a consensus on policies that can positively impact startups and grow digital entrepreneurship and digital economy at large. Our mission is to ensure that the voices of startups are heard in government.

Visit the Allied for Startups DTx stand in the Health Lab exhibition area. A dedicated session on "Digital Therapeutics Startups & EU Policy" will take place on Wednesday, June 19th from 11:45-12:45. Please register for the session by adding it in your agenda in the EHMA 2019 App.

Health First Europe is a non-profit, non-commercial alliance of patients, healthcare workers,academics and healthcare experts and the medical technology industry. Our mission is to ensure that equitable access to modern, innovative and reliable medical technology and healthcare is regarded as a vital investment in the future of Europe. We call for truly patient-centred healthcare and believe that every European citizen should benefit from the best medical treatments available. As part of our awareness raising activities, we organise events and issue publications with the aim of communicating our core messages to EU decision-makers and opinion leaders.

City-Labs is an ambitious project financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) which aims to create 2 new primary care structures in Brussels. These City-Labs will be integrating the innovation of laboratory medicine and mobile health. The scope of the project is to facilitate access to laboratory tests as part of an integrated and collaborative approach to ambulatory care of a chronically ill individual, as well as to contribute to the dynamic monitoring of patients with chronic diseases.

Visit the City Lab's and Health First Europe stand in the Health Lab exhibition area. A dedicated session will take place on Tuesday, June 18th at 9:30-11:00. Please register for the session by adding it in your agenda in the EHMA 2019 App.

The European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies supports and promotes evidence-based health policy-making through comprehensive and rigorous analysis of the dynamics of health-care systems in Europe. It engages directly with policy-makers and experts, and works in partnership with research centres, governments and international organizations to analyse health systems and policy trends.

Visit the Observatory's stand in the Health Lab exhibition area. A dedicated Observatory's session will take place on Monday, June 17th at 15:15-17:00 and the "TAPIC Framework workshop" will take place on Tuesday, June 18th from 15:45-17:15. Please register for the sessions by adding them in your agenda in the EHMA 2019 App.

The Finnish Medical Society Duodecim is a scientific association established in 1881 to develop the professional skills and clinical practice of doctors through continuing education, publications and grants. The Society’s membership comprises more than 22,000 doctors and medical students and almost 100 member associations. Duodecim Medical Publications Ltd is a company owned by the Society. It publishes information content intended for healthcare professionals as study material and in support of everyday activities in their work. Members of the public interested in medicine and health can find reliable and easy-to-use information in the company’s published material on health and illnesses, not only in general reference books but also in online material and services integrated into healthcare systems. The activities today are guided by Duodecim’s traditional role – going back more than 135 years – as a publisher of reliable and easy-to-use medical information. Our content is created through collaboration with the country’s best medical experts.

Do not miss the Duodecim dedicated session on Monday, June 17th from 15:15-16:30.

Identified by the Financial Times as one of the top consultancies operating in the private and public sectors, the Good Governance Institute (GGI) has a decade of experience working with leaders to put good governance practices in place for a fairer, better world. We lead national studies and undertake other commissioned work to move governance thinking forward, both nationally and internationally. Our reputation as thought-leaders places GGI as a recognised partner across health, social care, education, local government, and the charitable and corporate sectors. Through our work with NHS England and NHS Improvement, GGI is a valued member of the NHS family. GGI's value lies not only in our detailed understanding of the challenges and opportunities faced by Board members, but also our expertise in bringing issues of governance to life through delivering support in strategy, leadership, engagement, and organisational development.

Do not miss the GGI Special Interest Group's Session on Monday, June 17th from 15:15-16:30.

The Nordic Center for Sustainable Healthcare is a cross sectoral arena for stakeholders, organizations, projects and expert knowledge in the area of sustainable healthcare. NCSH is an umbrella organization for companies, hospitals, regions, universities, projects and competence.The Nordic Center for Sustainable Healthcare is a network initiated and led by TEM. TEM has a solid experience from sustainable healthcare in a variety of contexts, a unique competence and extended network in the area. We work with private and public healthcare establishment, business clusters, suppliers and international NGOs. TEM is a foundation and function as a non-for-profit NGO.

Visit the NCSH stand in the Health Lab exhibition area. NCSH organizes two sessions: one on "Climate and energy smart healthcare" which will take place on Monday, June 17th at 17:0-18:30; and the second on "Implementing circular economy in healthcare" taking place on Tuesday, June 18th at 15:45-17:15. Please register for the sessions by adding them in your agenda in the EHMA 2019 App.

The Commonwealth Fund — among the first private foundations started by a woman philanthropist, Anna M. Harkness — was established in 1918 with the broad charge to enhance the common good. Today, the mission of The Commonwealth Fund is to promote a high-performing health care system that achieves better access, improved quality, and greater efficiency, particularly for society’s most vulnerable, including low-income people, the uninsured, and people of color. The Fund carries out this mandate by supporting independent research on health care issues and making grants to improve health care practice and policy. An international program in health policy is designed to stimulate innovative policies and practices in the United States and other industrialized countries.


BMI Health Tech Innovations is a project which is done in cooperation with companies involved with medicine and health tech. The students applying to the course usually study medicine, bio IT, industrial engineering and information networks. Partner companies give the course’s students a real problem they have to solve. The students then brainstorm together to find innovating solutions to the problems in groups. At the end all of the teams will present their solution to the problem at EHMA 2019 Conference.

The Helsinki-Uusimaa Regional Council is a joint regional authority for the Helsinki-Uusimaa Region. It operates according to the principles of local self-government. Therefore its members are the municipalities in the region, from which it receives its funding. Like all 18 regional councils in Finland, it is mandated in law. The tasks of the Helsinki-Uusimaa Regional Council include regional and land-use planning and the promotion of local and regional interests in general. The Council articulates common regional needs, long term development goals and conditions for sustainable development.

The Pharmaceutical Information Centre produces medical information, continuing education courses and data management services for healthcare and pharmaceutical companies and organizations. The company is known for the Pharmaca Fennica® drug database, which also includes a pharmacogenomic data to support the decision-making of healthcare professionals. We maintain up-to-date medical information for the needs of social and healthcare professionals, pharmaceutical companies and healthcare system vendors. In addition, we produce the national ePrescription Master Data database for Kela (The Social Insurance Institution of Finland) and manage the identification of medicines (Vnr service) in the Nordic countries. Pharmarket data management service provides an easy tool for Nordic drug sales information. We work internationally with our partner network.

Aalto Health Platform is a collaborative program that creates a framework for Aalto to deepen and widen its joint work with its partner organizations in the area of health and wellbeing (H&W), which is one of Aalto University’s strategic focus areas for research. The platform’s role is to support Aalto’s H&W research activities, facilitate technology transfer towards innovations and startups and the broader high technology industries, and further develop the societal impact of Aalto’s work.


Espoo is the second largest and the fastest growing city of Finland – part of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area. Location right next to the capital Helsinki means excellent transportation links - Helsinki Airport is just a half an hour drive from Espoo and new West Metro connects Espoo to Helsinki city centre. Espoo is Northern Europe’s largest high-tech and innovation hub where science, business and culture meet the wilderness of Nuuksio National Park and stunning seaside environment. The city’s innovative spirit, Aalto University, technology hub Otaniemi and international companies attract continuous interest from science, research, investors and business professionals worldwide.

Visit Espoo's target is to support the convention and tourism industry in Espoo. The new company's aim is to boost Espoo's appeal and visibility among international audiences as an interesting innovation environment that focuses on knowledge, science, arts and economics, as well as being an attractive leisure and meeting destination.

Visit the "Visit Espoo" stand in the Health Lab exhibition area for more information about the city, sightseeing and things to do during your stay at EHMA 2019.

European Health Futures Forum is an open interactive network, seeking out, processing and exchanging knowledge and information in real time to influence the future of health and healthcare in Europe and provide a better understanding of future possibilities for healthier lives and communities. The Forum is the living architecture for transformational change in healthcare.

Join the EHFF's coaching session on Tuesday, June 18th from 15:45-17:15.

Emerald Publishing was founded in 1967 to champion new ideas that would advance the research and practice of business and management. Today, we continue to nurture fresh thinking in applied fields where we feel we can make a real difference, now also including health and social care, education and engineering. Emerald manages a portfolio of nearly 300 journals, more than 2,500 books and over 1,500 teaching cases. EHMA is going to publish book series together with Emerald.

As the leading international voice in integrated care we inspire, influence and facilitate the adoption of integrated care in policy and practice around the world. Our vision is that all people are enabled to maximise their health, wellbeing and independence through high-quality, people- centred integrated care and support. Operating as a centre for excellence and underpinned by a high quality and evidence informed approach, we seek to work in collaborative partnership with our beneficiaries to develop, test, apply and lead this movement. We seek to do this through the development and exchange of ideas among academics, researchers, managers, health and care professionals, users and carers of services and, policy and decision makers throughout the World.

The European Patients’ Forum (EPF) is an umbrella organisation that works with patients’ groups in public health and health advocacy across Europe. Our members represent specific chronic disease groups at EU level or are national coalitions of patients.

Upgraded is a non-profit association for health & wellbeing startups in Finland. Our goal is to make sure that startup innovations have an established role in the society as a source of health and wellbeing solutions. No good health innovation should be lost due to the lack of knowledge about it. We build the bridges between the different pieces of startups, corporates, public sector & universities. We believe, that the industry thrives on cooperation and everyone will reach their goals faster and easier when working together. We are also the organisers of the premier startup-driven health innovation event in the Nordics – Upgraded Life Festival.

The International Hospital Federation (IHF) is an international not for profit, non-governmental membership organization. Our members are worldwide hospitals and healthcare organizations having a distinct relationship with the provision of healthcare. We provide them with a platform for the exchange of knowledge and strategic experience as well as opportunities for international collaborations with different actors in the health sector.

MedTech Europe’s mission is to make innovative medical technology available to more people, while helping healthcare systems move towards a sustainable path. MedTech Europe encourages policies that help the medical technology industry meet Europe’s growing healthcare needs and expectations. It also promotes medical technology’s value for Europe focusing on innovation and stakeholder relations, using economic research and data, communications, industry events and training sessions.

The European Public Health Association, or EUPHA in short, is an umbrella organisation for public health associations and institutes in Europe. EUPHA was founded in 1992 by 15 members (12 countries). EUPHA now has 86 members from 47 countries. EUPHA is an international, multidisciplinary, scientific organisation, bringing together around 19’000 public health experts for professional exchange and collaboration throughout Europe. We encourage a multidisciplinary approach to public health.

Radisson Blu Hotels currently operates more than 260 hotels worldwide. Radisson Blu Espoo Hotel supports EHMA Charity Run for SOS Children’s Villages.

HIMSS Europe is the European arm of HIMSS (Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society), the largest health IT membership organisation in the world. We are a one-stop-organisation for all health IT-related information, knowledge and advice, and offer an unrivalled perspective on what’s happening in the world of health and care IT in Europe. promotes management, leadership, best practice and cross-collaboration in healthcare. With the active engagement from thought leaders and well-respected national and international associations, HealthManagement provides comprehensive information related to Executive Management, Healthcare IT, Cardiology, Imaging & ICU.

A Collective Research Impact Framework and multi-variate models to foster the true engagement of actors and stakeholders in Health Research and Innovation. The EU-funded MULTI-ACT project aims to increase the impact of health research on people with brain diseases. It will create and implement a new model allowing for the effective cooperation of all relevant stakeholders. This will be applicable in defining the scope of health research as well as new metrics for the evaluation of its results. The MULTI-ACT project will work with patients and patient organizations, academics, private and public stakeholders to develop brand new tools to assess the value of research.

SUSTAIN aims to concretely improve the way care services for older adults are organised and delivered across Europe, and especially for those who have multiple health and social care needs.

TO-REACH is a coordination and support action (CSA) to prepare a joint European research programme aimed at producing research evidence supporting health care services and systems to become more resilient, effective, equitable, accessible, sustainable and comprehensive (in Europe, and abroad).

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